Auburn Wines - Central Otago Riesling Wine of New Zealand



Located in the fruitlands area of Alexandra off Earnscleugh Road, the vineyard was planted in 2000 and sits atop a terrace above the Clutha River. Organic practices are employed, with the Riesling block located on even terrain, promoting consistent ripeness with minimal variability. This vineyard is the first to ripen, thankfully, lest the autumn frosts have their way with the fruit.


Perched on a high altitude foothill of the Cairnmuir Ranges, this small block of Bannockburn Riesling was terraced due to the slope and aspect. Established in 1998, the block is quite protected, nestled in a heat trap of sorts, planted on sandy loam soils characteristic of the region. Perhaps the most picturesque vineyard, overlooking Lake Dunstan with the Pisa Ranges in the background.


Adjacent to the Bendigo gold mines, this modest block of Riesling was planted in 2002 and rests on the slope of a north-eastern terrace riser. Soils are very bony, with low fertility and water-holding capacity. The site is essentially frost-free and looks out to the glorious St Bathans Range in the distance.


Tucked in behind the rolling hills of Lowburn lies an isolated, very small family vineyard established in 1993. Susceptible to the katabatic wind flows off the Pisa Ranges – as we found out when harvesting our inaugural vintage! – this tiny Riesling block is positioned on a north-facing, moderate slope on slightly heavier soils.


Nestled atop a gently rolling slope in a north-western facing amphitheatre, the Riesling vines on Northburn were planted in 1999 and are managed organically. The site looks across the lake to Lowburn and the dramatic Pisa Ranges, protected somewhat by the southerly but susceptible to the nor-west winds that come roaring down the lake. The soils are a mixture of sand, loess and gravels – very free draining – and the site is often one of the first to be picked.


Situated at the very top of Mt Pisa Road, this is Auburn's highest altitude vineyard, and one of the highest altitude vineyards in the region, peaking out at over 400m. With a complete panorama over the Cromwell Basin, this young vineyard (planted in 2007) boasts a spectacular outlook, transcending into the fruit itself. North facing, gently sloping, with a mixture of loess/alluvial soils, the altitude aids slower ripening and accumulation of flavours not necessarily matched by comparative rises in sugar. An exciting block, on the limits of viticulture, in the world's most southern winegrowing region.